Our teaching method starts with two main points:

2.  Learn by doing:

Grammar is important but the lessons need not be boring. We teach the Spanish you need to deal with real life situations in combination with music, video, internet, theatre and much more.

1.  Adapting our teaching to you:

 • Through a personality test to identlfy how you learn best
 • Through a level test to place you in the right group

Our communicative method enables you to learn while discovering, through language games, written material and songs. Through everyday situations, group discussions or role-play, your confidence and ability to speak in Spanish will increase rapidly – as will your vocabulary, listening and writing skills. You will also gain an insight into Spanish society and culture - and learn while having fun!

We are open all year round offering not only Spanish, but English, French, German and Chinese lessons as well.

Our eight bright classrooms are air conditioned / heated with WiFi throughout and all our great teachers are certified native speakers.

Meet our teachers and staff

“I fell in love with this area 10 years ago when I came to learn windsurfing.
I left everything to live and work here.
I love languages and open air activities.”
— Nicolas - CEO
“I came with my husband 6 years ago and decided to leave my job in France and join this project. I have a passion for poetry and grammar.”
— Laurence - Head of Studies
“After working several years in multinational companies I joined the team in 2011 and now help in the organisation of the school.
I know the hidden “insider” places of el Puerto.”
— Cristina - Secretary and Logistics
“I’m so passionate about languages that I even created my own online program.
I love to help people communicate in Spanish.”
— Clara Gomez - Commercial and Teacher
“Have you ever met someone that has experienced so many diverse situations that you immediately feel safe with them? In our school that’s me!
I have two daughters and I love to share my knowledge and experiences.”
— Asunción - Teacher

Other team members:

English Teachers: Sharon (UK), Chris (USA), Arron (UK), Jasmine (UK) and George. (USA)
French Teacher: Laurence, Bertrand
German Teachers: Ingrid, Rosa María, Bettina
Chinese Teacher: Yin, Monica