Two of the most distinctive characteristics of el Puerto de Santa Maria and the surrounding towns are the Sherry wines and the authentic flamenco scene.

Bodega el Puerto de Santa Maria
Flamenco in Andalusia

The urban landscape of the town shows its rich wine making history. The narrow winding streets of the casco viejo divide the wineries. A walk around town is full of surprises as you peek into majestic courtyards and cask-making areas. From the rooftops you can enjoy some surprising perspectives of this architecture.

The Campo de Guia winery expansion is one of a series of constructions with the greatest “personality” of those that comprise El Puerto de Santa Maria’s architectural landscape and it is unique wine-making architecture within its type.

During your stay in El Puerto de Santa Maria, you have to visit at least one bodega and learn about the fascinating process of Sherry making, not to mention enjoy the generous wine tasting!

In el Puerto you won't find touristy flamenco venues. Here you see the real thing. Local people gather in simple penas  to enjoy one of the most loved and traditional aspects of their culture. For the price of a drink you can be part of this. You can even learn to do it yourself.

One of the great advantages of El Puerto de Santa Maria is its location. Having a train station in the town centre makes it easy to reach other important nearby cities, for example Seville, the capital. In one day in Seville you can visit the Cathedral, the Royal Garden of Alcazar and get lost in the tiny winding streets with their beautiful colours.

The train also takes you to Jerez de la Frontera, a city with its own unique atmosphere and its passion for the famous Andalusian horses and more good Sherry wines.

For a change of atmosphere you can leave the coast and discover the beauty of the old Moorish towns perched high in the mountains. These small white towns with their steep winding streets and romantic dreamlike quality, date back to the time of the Moors. You will find yourself wondering if you have crossed the Straights to North Africa. Not to be missed!