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If you are looking for the ideal place to learn Spanish, our school in El Puerto de Santa María, in the province of Cadiz, could be what you are looking for. We offer small group courses for general and business Spanish, private tuition, and exam preparation. You study with qualified native teachers who are familiar with dealing with a broad range of language levels and study objectives, from improvement of basic conversational skills to intense study for examinations, presentations, and technical discussions. We are confident we can meet the language objectives of any student.

El Puerto de Santa Maria: live real Spain

We are a small school located in an attractive building in the heart of the historic town of El Puerto de Santa Maria. This charming coastal town offers a wide variety of cultural and sports activities which we, as a school, take full advantage of. This means you can improve your Spanish while practicing water sports such as sailing or kite surfing or learning to dance flamenco!

Heart of Spain still beats in El Puerto de santa Maria. Outside big cosmopolitan cities, El Puerto de santa Maria is where you can learn Spanish in an authentic Andalusian friendly, small and beautiful town. Where Spanish still take the time to live and enjoy a unique seaside, sunny place.

A school that meets your expectations

All our fully certified teachers recognise the importance of student centred learning and provide opportunities to learn by doing. In conjunction with teaching the important basic skills, they use a variety of language games and activities.

They also take advantage of learning opportunities within the community to provide real live situations to develop language skills. We select out teachers for their motivation and commitment in order to create a positive learning environment.

Our school has a total of eight classrooms, one media room and WiFi access throughout the building..

Because we offer a variety of other languages, it is easy for our foreign students to meet and interact with local Spaniards.

A great Location

The southern coast of Spain is divided into two by the straights of Gibraltar. The eastern side, the Costa del Sol, is well known for its high density of foreigners - both tourists and residents - where Spanish is rarely heard. The western side however is authentically Spanish and our historic town of El Puerto de Santa Maria is no exception. The majority of tourists who come here are nationals and they come looking for traditional Andalusian food and culture.

Our school, Instituto Internacional de Idiomas is located in the heart of all this, on the main pedestrian street and is surrounded by traditional bars, restaurants and locally owned shops. There is no question that you are in an authentic part of Spain.

Despite being tucked away we are very well connected by boat, train and road with very easy access to other parts of Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

Fun & Discovery

What better place to study - our town is located in a beautiful setting and offers fun outdoor activities with local culture and beautiful weather. El Puerto de Santa Maria is located in an area known as "Costa de la Luz" which translates as The Coast of Light With an average of 300 days of sun per year, and temperatures that rarely drop below 18 degrees even in winter, life here is lived in the open air. Throughout the day and well into the night, people congregate on the streets. The locals start and end their day late - only pausing for a long leisurely lunch and siesta - and coming out again at night for drinks and tapas.

There is something for every visitor throughout the year – with activities like sailing, windsurfing, horse riding, golfing for sports lovers and visits to traditional bodegas for wine and sherry lovers. Throughout the year, specific festivals take place, the highlights being Carnival (Cadiz) in February, Semana Santa in April, the week long flamenco feria in May, sailing regattas in summer, a three day rock festival in October - and many more. Life is lived to the full in this part of the world!